Who we are?

Dr Masaki B. Gendelman

General Director of
Gendelman Consulting

Winner of the international competition named after Vishvakarma. Rishikesh India

Honorary Professor of the Department of theology
Vishvakarman Haridwar University

Guru Vastu Shastra

31-agents of Gendelman Consulting worldwide


Gendelman consulting

Time passes, everything changes. Some messengers are being replaced by others, and email has been unchanged for over 20 years.
Email masakigendelman@gmail.com

Offer for real estate agents

In what we are engaged?

Let’s compare a person who is going to buy or build a property with a person who just wants a Cake. He goes to the nearest store and sees 10 cakes on the counter. Fortunately, there is an abundance today – chocolate, yoghurt, with nuts, fruits, etc. In General, he chooses the option he likes and hands the bill to the lush pastry chef. STOP! And what have I to do with it?
That’s just at that moment I appear on the “stage”. Drumroll… And… Now important information.
8 out of 10 of these cakes are poisoned.
2 – deadly poison (and this is not a joke)
The remaining 6 are not fatal, but very unpleasant. Poverty, disease, family destruction, career destruction, loss, etc.
And only 2 out of 10 cakes are not only delicious but also incredibly healthy. Here you will find wealth, development, family happiness and good health.
For any person, these cakes are no different from each other. After all, they look at cherries, colour and all that will not show you what eating it is fraught with.
And only Vastu expert, with one glance, before buying, can make expertise and indicate which cake you need to choose, and which one to run away from.
This is called Vastu real estate selection

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# Vastu real estate selection

# Vastu real estate planning and design

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