Basic Vastu Expert Review

Basic Vastu Expert Review (BVER)
Let’s compare BVER to the visit of a doctor.
You undergo medical tests, tell about the symptoms, go through the examination by various
close control equipment, and based on that the doctor may either make a precise diagnosis
or calm you down, telling you that you are absolutely healthy.
Basic Vastu expert review includes the full analysis of all characteristics of the non-movable
It reveals all the positive and negative impacts.
What is required for the order?
1 You must send us an immovable facility design.
2 Make a satellite image to define relations of your house to the compass points.
3 Be ready to answer some questions while going through the expert review
Basic expert review does not include recommendations on strengthening the wicknessess

Based on the number of the orders, the average time of conducting the Vastu expert review
takes less than 24 hours.

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