Basic Vastu Expert Review

Basic Vastu Expert Review (BVER)Let’s compare BVER to the visit of a doctor.You undergo medical tests, tell about the symptoms, go through the examination by variousclose control equipment, and based on that the doctor may either make a precise diagnosisor calm you down, telling you that you are absolutely healthy.Basic Vastu expert review includes theContinue reading “Basic Vastu Expert Review”

Vastu consultation

Vastu ConsultationAfter you have gone through the Basic Vastu Expert Review and it revealed the problems,you can proceed with the treatment. This is Vastu Consultation.Vastu Consultation includes the full list of recommendations for recovery of the VastuPurusha.To order the Vastu consultation, you have to go through the BVER in advance.And be ready to answer aContinue reading “Vastu consultation”